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Getyer Roxoff in TO said: Bo Dixon. Too bad he turned his back on the porn industry.

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That instant buy from earlier.

So comfy…and, apparently, very sexy.  I wore it out for tonight’s chores.  Had to pick up my RX at the pharmacy, some groceries, and tickets for a dance on Sunday.

Was stopped for photos three times and told I was “TOTALLY FUCKABLE” by an older gay man crossing the street.  The grand finale was in the pharmacy where this fella cut in line to tell me how happy he was to see I wasn’t “just another Castro Clone,” that long johns were making a comeback, and continued by comparing me to his much larger bodybuilder friend who stood out in a similar way, but with a facial hair tattoo.

Needless to say, I’m never taking these off.

Not like I need to, the ass has a very convenient opening.

For those asking, these are made by Nasty Pig.  I got them at Mr S Leather.  I can’t find them on either website, so I suspect they’re not released yet.


See through pyjamas.


See through pyjamas.


Check out SoxnTies

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Muscle stud

…with cute socks and moccasins :)

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